1. Ethics Reform

2. Keep America Holy

3. Audit the Federal Reserve

4. Congressional Hearings on UFOs

5. End the Illegal Suppression of New Technology



At the ASA we are building a Grassroots Political/Religious Movement in the USA


Who or what is Satan? At the ASA we believe that the true Satan manifests himself spiritually and is self-evident in all of our societal ills. It is the Satan deep within our own flawed human psyches that leads us to wage war, to become blinded by greed, to turn a blind eye to poverty, to glorify violence in music and movies, to give in to gross depravity and sexual immorality, to become hopelessly addicted to illegal drugs and alcohol, to commit terrible acts of hatred and other deplorable crimes, and to incite social and political disorder. Our party was created for this sole purpose: to combat Satan in whichever forms he may take either mental, spiritual, or physical? We believe it is ultimately our responsibility as a nation of citizens and believers to ensure that our children have a positive future and that our homeland continues to thrive and flourish. The first step to accomplish this end is to identify, confront, and defeat our national demons: drugs, greed, racism, sexual immorality, and indiscriminate violence.



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